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Eoin Colfer is an Irish author of children's books. He worked as a primary school teacher before he became a full-time writer. He is best known for being the author of the Artemis Fowl series. 
Born: May 14, 1965 (age 51), Wexford, Republic of Ireland (Wikipedia)

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1. Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl #1)

Twelve-year-old Artemis Fowl is a millionaire, a genius—and, above all, a criminal mastermind. But even Artemis doesn't know what he's taken on when he kidnaps a fairy, Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon Unit. These aren't the fairies of bedtime stories—they're dangerous! Full of unexpected twists and turns, Artemis Fowl is a riveting, magical adventure.

2. The Arctic Incident (Artemis Fowl #2) 

Download The Arctic Incident (Artemis Fowl #2) PDF Here

Artemis rushes from Ireland school to Russia where the Mafiya kidnapped his father. Captain Holly Short of LEPRecon against fairies interrupts him. This time he may have to join the fairies instead of battling them.

3. The Eternity Code (Artemis Fowl #3) 

Download The Eternity Code (Artemis Fowl #3) PDF Here

Artemis Fowl has constructed a supercomputer from stolen fairy technology. In the wrong hands it could be fatal for humans and fairies alike. But Artemis has a plan. He's not going to use the computer - he's just going to show it to an American businessman with Mafia connections. What could possibly go wrong?

4. The Opal Deception (Artemis Fowl #4) 

Download The Opal Deception (Artemis Fowl #4) PDF Here

The evil pixie Opal Koboi has spent the last year in a self-induced coma, plotting her revenge on all those who foiled her attempt to destroy the LEPrecon fairy police. And Artemis Fowl is at the top of her list.

5. The Lost Colony (Artemis Fowl #5) 

Download The Lost Colony (Artemis Fowl #5) PDF Here

Ten thousand years ago, humans and fairies fought a great battle for the magical island of Ireland. When it became clear that they could not win, all of the faeries moved below ground—all except for the 8th family, the demons. Rather than surrender, they used a magical time spell to take their colony out of time and into Limbo. There they have lived for decades, planning their violent revenge on humans.

6. The Time Paradox (Artemis Fowl #6) 

Download The Time Paradox (Artemis Fowl #6) PDF Here

After disappearing for three years, Artemis Fowl has returned to a life different from the one he left. Now he's a big brother, and spends his days teaching his twin siblings the important things in life, such as how to properly summon a waiter at a French restaurant.

7. The Atlantis Complex (Artemis Fowl #7) 

Download The Atlantis Complex (Artemis Fowl #7) PDF Here


Artemis has committed his entire fortune to a project he believes will save the planet and its inhabitants, both human and fairy. Can it be true? Has goodness taken hold of the world’s greatest teenage criminal mastermind?

8. The Last Guardian (Artemis Fowl #8) 

Download The Last Guardian (Artemis Fowl #8) PDF Here

It's Armageddon Time for Artemis Fowl

Opal Koboi, power-crazed pixie, is plotting to exterminate mankind and become fairy queen.

If she succeeds, the spirits of long-dead fairy warriors will rise from the earth, inhabit the nearest available bodies and wreak mass destruction. But what happens if those nearest bodies include crows, or deer, or badgers - or two curious little boys by the names of Myles and Beckett Fowl?

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